8th MO On Parade  

8th MO in the St. Patrick's Day Parade: St. Louis

Are you a CIVIL WAR HISTORY BUFF?   Do you want an interesting and rewarding hobby?   Have you considered Civil War re-enacting?
The 8th Missouri Civil War Re-Enactors, Inc., is a living history organization based out of St. Louis, Missouri.   Members of the 8th Missouri re-enactors are interested in and dedicated to preserving and teaching American Civil War history.
The 8th Missouri is also looking for a Few Good Musicians

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Donald Huskey
Donald Huskey joined the 8th MO as a drummer boy when he was 13 years old.
The photo above shows Donald, now in the US Army, as he prepares to go to Ranger School in mid-2007.
The 8th MO considers Donald to be a special member, and hopes that he does well and stays safe.


Men (18 and older) join as soldiers.
Women join as civilian members, and children join as civilian members.
And musicians are welcome.
Contact Stan Prater for a personal meeting & interview.
Stan's phone: (636) 677-8252
Stan's email:
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You will be trained by NCO's of the unit in aspects of the military and historical knowledge of the 8th MO.   If you attend battle re-enactments, it will be camping and marching to re-create the battle scenario that actually occurred.   (Don't worry: no live ammo is used at the re-enactments.)
SUPPLYING UNIFORMS:   We have uniforms to be loaned.   After 6 months, you will be required to purchase your uniform and equipment.   The 8th MO has many tents to share with members.
BENEFITS:   Benefits include preserving Civil War History by teaching the history of the 8th MO, US and the Civil War Era.   Tax deductions for uniforms or costumes, equipment, and travel.   There are too many perks to list.
If you have a passion for Civil War History you will greatly rewarded for your time and effort.
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War Memorial
The 8th Missouri poses on the steps of the War Memorial in downtown St. Louis.


The 8th Missouri is currently active in many activities: battle re-enactments, military drill demonstrations for the public, living history encampments as well as historical programs for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, scouting organizations, and many other interested groups.
Some members appeared as "extras" in movies such as NORTH AND SOUTH, and THE BLUE AND GRAY.   Members Prater and Willmering were in the movie GETTYSBURG.
This unit joins the ranks of the Frontier Brigade at large re-enactments.   Members of the 8th Missouri hail from Illinois and Missouri.
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On-going research shows that the original 8th Missouri wore the uniform of an American Zouave.   A contemporary letter from a Dr. Hawley describes the uniform as a turban of blue with a white roll border and red tassel, deep blue jacket with red trim, red sash, and red trousers which were very large.   Gaiters were worn up over the ankle and over the laced-up shoe.   Soldiers in the 8th MO maintained the Zouave uniform the duration of the Civil War.   A late war photo obtained from West Point shows a soldier in the 8th MO wearing the Zouave jacket with different pants and shirt than were issued.
Military members of the 8th Missouri Civil War Re-enactors, Inc. wear the Federal Blue Uniform (required uniform).   Members meeting the criteria for the Zouave soldier can wear the Zouave uniform.   Members of the 8th MO carry replica Henry, Springfield, or Enfield black powder rifles.
Members also participate, when needed, as Confederates with the 4th MO, CSA (this is not a required uniform).
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8th MO Campsite with Tents
Photo from 8th MO encampment in Bentonville, Arkansas, showing:
A-tents and a conical Sibley tent (which has a wood-burning stove inside)